Green Cafe Dupont

Since my husband and I celebrate two friends on your marriage has helped, I had selected the Green Sunday brunch at the DuPont hotel room, because I always with good food and exceptional service, not to mention the charming of green cafe dupont the ancient world was compared. What a disappointment on November 30. She gave us a good table, but once the waitress gave us orange juice, pour hot coffee and showed not only their attention in the direction of buffet. The dining room was more than half empty is not that like it too, there were at least three other servers. In fact, much of the time from the other side the case was the Woods behind our table. I had questions, if we could take champagne, which means that we actually had a choice of a glass of champagne, call a Mimosa or a Bloody Mary. If we took us on the lobby for fair food (in the middle of the dining room was used to have more difficult access to a friend with a stick of buffet in the lobby lounge), the only person in the room was a young woman, has been entrusted, making tortillas and cut the meat, then, if you wanted a piece of beef, and made a OmelettSie had to wait until he finished. When I came in this context a young pointed to be a Manager, he laughed and said: you want to cut the meat. It seemed to many employees, that gave all those who tell us what each dish was on the pretext that nobody behind the tables were evaluated through the area, but you. For example, it is maintained for several people (including me) is a type of salsa, learned of the young, seemed to be a Manager, was later lobster-and there are no shells. After I talked to him lukewarm coffee and the lack of attention of the server, came to attention, but overall, the experience was a disgrace. .