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Note: If you click on our coffee site here more information including location and opening hours of our coffee on the table, old House, find. News and updates: 07. 03, 15 only pure-Kenya Kiambu AA. A good solid affordable shilling. In addition, the Mexico became Custapec! 15 02 01-single (and written): Popayán Colombia and Papua New Guinea mile high (AA). Arrives in a few weeks, a new application of the Kenya and popular, Bella Carmona of the Guatemala. Published 12/21/14-hora another time-Guatemala-Huehuetenango Palmira Custapec Mexico Mexico Chiapas 18 12 14 descafeinado-cafe new - was a very busy, and some of our stash of coffee season is low. Later, the good news is more detailed. The new Member States are coffee Mexican, it is one of the popular Custapec, we have often done in the past, the other is a decaffeinated CO2 treatment. We also know that the Colombia Tolima, see, latitude comes directly from a fantastic farm called soft. About 16 years, quality and taste of the screen, while beans are relatively small in size - is one of the best Colombian coffee always have hands. Also a new Guatemala. Pierre should be published tomorrow. 11 14 27 Merry Christmas! green coffee phoenix The new crop of Ethiopian Yirgacheffe. Pierre has published on our green coffee offerings. 20 14 11 comes next week a new Ethiopian Yirgacheffe. The new harvest begins, come from this area and seems to be a good year for Ethiopians. This coffee will be available for next week. 11 14 11 - pura - peaberry Sumatra. As with peaberry Super organised previously, these pearls are slightly smaller in size, but aroma and full body are similar. Hacienda Minita Tarrazu Costa Rica is 9/27/14-in stock. This is one of the most popular forms of coffee, stock (and rightly so!). 9/13/14-Bali classic now our offers of green coffee beans. Also in Nicaragua, a cup of exceptional excellence-Segovia-estate coffee. We have several Colombian new and released as soon as you arrive at Pierre. arrival 30/08/14 soon - we have already said, but this time we want to. An exotic taste of coffee from Bali. Bring on the next week. 8/17/14-dos is ARA. A good coffee from Costa lapa rich. It was popular in the offer of courses, so we are happy that they still have action. 8/15/14-alone in a deep Harrar (Ethiopia) a blue solid rock. We do not know where the name came from. Perhaps because it has deep notes of blueberries? Deep six (blueberries), but not too pronounced like Yirgacheffe Kocherie, catalog a few months earlier (more). On the contrary, these products chemical coffee Harrar is treated as cocoa, sensation of mouth creamy, tinged with exhibition of flower blossoms. Learn more. (it is available on the web site of green coffee). 14/05/08 U. S. coffee green now available in our cafeteria. Many people have asked for it, so now that we have options available during our normal business hours (7 days a week!) and the plan of expansion of the selection on a weekly basis, have been limited. For more information on our coffee, click location and times here. added site offers 14 16 07 - our green coffee was old follow-up to Guatemala. Antigua will close this year, mainly because of the time that passes. Acatenango espresso soon mounted a new El El Salvador (finally!) and a new Sumatran Mandheling. 02-07 - 14 Colombia Huila Palmero us green coffee source added. The work of the Pierre in Antigua. Click on the picture to see the description of Purosa PNG. Our products: we offer a variety of coffee beans worldwide autour and roasting equipment in the Green House. We ship coffee across the United States and the new homepage of broiler chickens for roasting experience home bases information interesting and informative, to select other countries. Here, as you can, roasting coffee and better can roast coffee. There is also a barbecue casual House, newsletters and other information for your reading pleasure. We hope you enjoy this site and invite you to browse. For local customers, we are a supplier of green coffee in Arizona of the coffee beans. Local pickup instead of Tempe are nice weekend. .