Green Coffee Rio Minas

Moreninha-Formosa is a plateau in the Cerrado Miniero, State of Minas Gerais, Serra do Salitre. 1200 meters which is the Serra do Salitre height better than more closed, right, for the production of coffee on average 800-900 m. Moreninha Formosa is choice in farm much larger gold within MF-plot, some patches for these selected passes quantity of coffee. This means that low-hanging fruit was allowed coffee for drying coffee, a technique that is possible only in a drier climate that dry a dramatic change in wet seasons and plots with good sunlight exposure to ensure against uniform drying. This also means that everything is very selective, hand picked coffee the rule of origin of many but not in the Cerrado of Brazil, where the coffee crops mechanically. And indeed, this amount for each tree was collected from the Center, because the lower branches are also shaded and cool for effective drying of the tree. After separate collection, raisins, coffee cherries plots them mechanically were harvested and sold the remaining cherries in a loaf of bread. Select play cherry raisin, means losing money in the rest of the coffee and incidentals related to these efforts. After harvesting beds extra dry, coffee was fixed in the African tradition. This dry air evenly around the circular coffee and background to evaporate moisture from the ripe coffee cherries. And this is the second key here; Ripe cherries. Selection of hand meant uniform maturation of raisins. It is a bit theoretical, but the reason behind all this is the idea that more production more sugar from the fruit is still a coffee Cherry is in contact with the structure. So she called dry, while still part of the plant that is extreme. The results are very interesting, and I'll be honest: I wanted this coffee hatred this year! Why? Now, it is a difficult process, that not all boxes must not make or make, but it produces a ton of them this green coffee rio minas year. It is very expensive for us and given the randomness of nature, i. time and will invest much in each process of coffee that is not repeatable. I wanted to find something wrong in the Cup. But it was relatively and surprisingly clean, (waiting) with amazing bodies and great rustic sweetness. Not dissimilar to stale, but this is unbelievable. Lighter roasts have fruity character, add a layer of bittersweet chocolate, thickness of dark roasts. The C + has fragrant, rustic roast; Muscavado sugar, dried peaches, bananas, coconut, toasted and vile. The wet aroma is complex with more light, while FC roast + dark roast level has a super chocolate intensive, monolithic. The Cup is very aggressive, brutal, bittersweet. In contrast with herbs, I like the darker roasts for Cup flavors. The lighter roast done more descriptors, peach, melon, earthy spicy notes. But the sheer intensity bitterness of chocolate, tobacco and thick body FC + is a heavyweight contender. FC-FC + roast has intensive body, Dick, flavors well roasted malla-coco, nuts and chocolate (a snack of Hill)? I tried to be a mixture of two roasting 50% prefer to C + and + 50% FC, but I have still the strong, powerful, Cup of dark roast level directly. And I was surprised how nice was expressed by this game. This coffee is part of our transparency of the programa-tarifas - direct trade breeding. Cupping musical scores hidden view of cupping score. .