Green Mountain Coffee Vue Packs

I like the versatility of my Keurig 2. 0 - it is so easy to make a single cup of coffee when I wake up, or more cups in a carafe, if I have about the company. It works wonders and which ensures better tomorrow! Jenny Blake, author of life after University *. We love the Keurig-2. 0 we had a Keurig machine but behind those who were our friends. We use a lot, if someone picks it up and I want a cup of coffee for her. So far, enjoyed each coffee! And it is good to be able to offer a selection of a few different mixes and only one cup of whip. We also use the carafe after dinner, and if some pop people. The convenience is fantastic and the coffee is excellent! Dan Lyons, an independent journalist *. My Keurig is 0, 2 How start my day every morning. Already had the previous version, which produces only a cup and the new function of beer makes happy the surface of the screen, too! Save time and money every morning by jumping over the green mountain coffee vue packs cafeteria! Everyone wins! Roxy than Owens, founder of the magazine social society *. The Keurig 2. 0 has become an absolute staple in our morning routine. We enjoyed not only the timer, but we like this machine is now able to tell what type of capsule, where we throw. A perfect cup of coffee or tea every time. What you ask me? Vera Sweeney, founder of the non am obsessed with the Lady and the blog *,. .