Vitashield Green Coffee 365 Reviews

Enter the characters you see below, I'm sorry, that just needs to be sure that you're not a robot. For best results, make sure your browser accepts cookies. 3/4/2015, I'm very disappointed to see how much this place has fallen. It seems that since they were featured on the food network, believe that they are celebrities, and make you a favor to lets you dine there. Lived for 10 years pre-Katrina in New Orleans and remembered the cup of coffee as a charming, old school restaurant with good food and friendly service. I was impressed by how we were treated and embarrassed that you agree to my friends out there, some of them had never been to New Orleans before. Let me start by saying that my whole life I've worked in the restaurant industry, I'm more patient and understanding when eating out, but there is no excuse for the way we were treated. We went to lunch Sunday, 3/1. There was a bit of a line, but it moves fast, we decided to wait. What is the error! How do I get to the front, we were greeted by a surly hostesses who seemed shocked that we were there. Asked how many were in our party, we had a frown and disappeared. Eventually we were seated at a table with no menus and expected. And whereas. For a long time. Finally, a waitress in a random order. At this point my friend taught me that a photo on your phone and our waitress we barked in caustic tone, keep their toys. Fell off the menu at our table and disappeared without a drink order. Once again we had to wait. We had enough time to read the entire menu, decide what you want to eat and drink, or even had the leisure to discuss weather, programming of Jazz Festival this year and the meaning of life. When the waitress finally returned with water, still warned us to store our toys and gone without having a drink or food order. We continue to wait unnecessarily, and right now, I'm furious. Any restaurant that opened this long I know that asking for a drink that was taken today. Once we had for almost 25 minutes, we watched our waitress for your autour and given that stopped at the kitchen window, waiting for food to be mounted. Now, the place was not a fault. There were three maids upstairs and what appeared to be a stewardesses who helped clean the tables and drinks. The place is very small, and the outdoor seating was closed except for two tables. They were full, but not even close to be very busy to justify that service is slow, but as an additional reviewer mentioned, the staff has a severe lack of time management skills. Even harder to justify, however, is the attitude that we receive from anywhere in the world. Finally, he approached the kitchen/bar area and the woman behind the counter asked if someone could take our order food and drinks. Doesn't seem too interested to help me, but asked that our waitress was. At this point, our waitress turned and asked hostile in tone, what is the problem? excuses? What's the matter? The problem is that this is almost half an hour that I sat and I would ask for something to eat and drink! A Cree who was waiting for another food table mounted, and that when he was ready, and he was already falling, eventually took our order. ARE YOU EFFING KIDDING ME? After around ten minutes, came to take our order and asked hostile ID when we ask for alcoholic beverages. Was able to take our food order at the same time, but committed several errors with our entire order, including bring potatoes, semolina and when we ask don't forget to bring my friend had ordered to drink. She had come back because you forgot which dish we ordered. vitashield green coffee 365 reviews She made a pathetic attempt to return to their previous hostility, but the damage was done. I will give credit where credit is due, the food was pretty good, the beans were fantastic, although they clearly used frozen spinach in my eggs sardou and Dutch was bland. Here's the latest insult, had the audacity to add a gratuity equal to 18% on our account and we were just a group of four! What a listed anywhere on the menu, believe me, I looked at the menu to check. The fact that they were adding gratuities explains the crappy service, also explains the attitude of the have-pas-de-la-personal shit. If I had a friend to go to the airport for flight, would be called responsible and refused to pay the tip, because you cannot add a charge to an account without notice, they cannot force you to pay! I said to the Lady of the House of the poor as we were, doesn't seem to treat. However, it was a very disappointing experience. My friends who still live in New Orleans agreed that the cup of coffee has decreased in recent years, especially since his reputation for Food Network. It is regrettable that there is still enough gullible tourists who arrive because they saw on television! Attention, not near!,. .